Hey! I’m Your Coach, Tamar.

I'm a Business Coach who helps 6-figure entrepreneurs who have mental recovery scale their business from sporadic 5 figure months to consistent $20k+ months so they can recover in peace, hire an A team, and add more joy & freedom to their life.


Some of the top business highlights I helped create since becoming a business owner in 2018 are: 

  • I've produced half a million in sales since 2018 in both of my own businesses
  • Created 2 six figure business in 2 years in 2 different industries
  • Helped my client go from $8k month to $20k in 4 weeks and then again in 2 weeks 
  • Hit a Quarter of a Million in Revenue in 1.8 years during a worldwide pandemic
  • Helped 30+ women & men with mental health recovery start & scale their business 
  • Helped my clients go from $5k months to $30k months in 4 months 
  • Healed myself from Debilitating PTSD and depression in 2017 while starting my first business 
  • Helped a client reach 46k in 6 weeks
  • Helped a client grow their revenue by 409% in just 3 months of working with me
  • Award Winning Producer in Film & Television for a decade before becoming an Entrepreneur